Train Path

The Alpine – Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor provides capacity  for international freight trains on the form of Pre-arranged Paths (PaP) and Reserve Capacity.

Pre-Arranged Paths (Paps) 2022

Paps are a joint offer of the Infarstructure Managers of the countries along corridor and represent pre-defined train paths with harmonized border times for the annual timetable. Pre-arranged train paths are determined by specific parameters (load, length, locomotive type..) and they are protected from change due to other capacity request..

Reserve Capacity for Timetable 2021

The Reserev capacity for the annual timetable is published in October 2020 (x-2) and can be requested at least 30 days before of the train run.

How to apply for capacity

The C-OSS accept capacity request from railway undertaking or international grouping of railway undertakings and also from other persons and legal entities in accordance with Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 913/2010.

RNE Path Coordination System (PCS) is web-based tool which are used by railway undertaking and authorized apllicants to apply for PaP and then receive answers from C-OSS on the status of their request.