Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor Annual Report 2023

Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor Annual Report 2023

Reflecting on the past year, the Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor has taken another step forward in developing infrastructure that supports efficient, reliable, and sustainable rail freight services. The European Union’s enthusiastic target under the ‘Green Deal’ to shift freight transportation from road to rail has positioned the Corridor as a vital component of this strategy.

The Corridor facilitates smooth and sustainable freight movement throughout the region by connecting the Balkans, the Adriatic Sea, and the Danube River with the Alps. To meet the EU’s stringent requirements, additional initiatives, such as the ‘Dobova project’ focusing on dwell time reduction at the Slovenian-Croatian border, have been launched and successfully expanded, driving further advancements along the route.

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However, this is just the beginning. Many more initiatives in the future aim to unlock the full potential of the entire Western Balkan region.

As we present the annual report, it is crucial to highlight the changes that will shape the Corridor’s future. With new regulations on the horizon, there will be an increased focus on capacity, signaling a shift in the approach to tackle interconnectivity. New European Transport Corridors will soon be established. As more countries join, the Corridor will expand, opening new opportunities and connections across borders and to important ports in Southeast Europe. The prospects for the railway industry in the region are therefore up-and-coming. For all Corridors, it is key to continue applying innovations to foster a fully interconnected railway service throughout Europe, ensuring the seamless flow of goods and passengers.

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