2024 AWB RFC RAG TAG held in a beautiful Belgrade

2024 AWB RFC RAG TAG held in a beautiful Belgrade

Thursday, 6th June 2024, the annual Alpine – Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor Railway Undertakings & Terminals Advisory Groups meeting took place in a beautiful Belgrade.

The main focus was on strategic investments and the development of the route of the Serbian route of the railway freight corridor. Among the presentation of all the major construction works in Serbia, the conditions for the organization of traffic during these works were especially highlighted.


The focus of this year’s meeting was also to address the dwelling border times.  Intent to improve the situation regarding time at the borders by reducing the length of stay, in the Schengen and non-Schengen areas.


Representative of the Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community highlighted prospects for Western Balkan countries in connection to the TEN-T network and new European Transport Corridors (ETCs).

New Regulation on the capacity allocation process and the new “rolling planning” allocation process implies wider use of capacity framework agreements.  The scheduling & Capacity allocation process unifies Multi-network capacity rights for seamless cross-border traffic. The working timetable is to be published as a dynamic document.

Adaptation and rescheduling proposed by the European Commission manifest changes in capacity after allocation, compensations, and rescheduling in case of disruption and crisis management.