New website

New website

On behalf of the Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor, welcome!

This Corridor will be established and aims to go operational within two years. Nevertheless, we already created a webpage to provide all stakeholders an insight into this ambitious project at an early stage. Hence, some of the web page’s service applications (tab: Offer, C-OSS, Tools, Traffic Management) are indications and will only be functional after the completion of the establishment phase – we kindly ask for your understanding.

Rail freight transport is resource-efficient and environmentally friendly and helps mitigate congestion on our road networks. Infrastructure providers along the Alpine-Western Balkan Rail Freight Corridor and the European Union therefore share the transport policy objective to shift freight transport from road to rail. Rail freight is particularly competitive for long-distance transports.

Our goal is to enhance competitiveness of rail for cross-border flows, reduce historic obstacles including, first and foremost, diverging technical, regulatory and operational standards and finally make rail freight competitive relative to other means of transport.

We invite you to follow the Corridor’s development.